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2014 Firefighter LODD Deaths
"Lighting the Way"

Since the inception in 2009, the Georgia Local Assistance State Team (L.A.S.T.) has assisted LODD surviving family members receive $2,876,978.00 in State and Federal benefits. and currently is assisting in $2,582,901.35 in active benefit applications.

 Family Assistance

"Lighting the Way"

The days, weeks and months following a LODD are some of the darkest times for both the family and the department of a lost firefighter. Finding your way out of this darkness can be difficult and painful. The Foundation was created to assist both individual family members and the fire department family by providing programs and services that begin the very first day and extend through the funeral and beyond. The goal of the Foundation is to provide the pathway out of the darkness, in essence the Foundation is “lighting the way” to recovery.

Sunday August 17th was Braves Firefighter Appreciation Night, the Braves not only beat the Oakland A's but they hit a homerun with the fire service. Nearly 700 tickets were sold raising over $4,000 for the Foundation. The pre-game show brought tribute to tribute to firefighters while also creating awareness for those who have lost their lives giving to their communities. The Foundation and surviving family members were honored through video and a special on-field presentation during the pre-game show. The game which was originally scheduled for 1:35 experienced a time change when ESPN picked it up as the Sunday Night Game of the Week, firefighters from as far away as Alabama, Florida and Tennessee still made the trek to be part of the festivities. Plans are already underway to make next year’s event bigger and better. Thanks to all that came out to support the Atlanta Braves and the Georgia Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Atlanta Braves

Salutes Firefighters
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