"Lighting the Way"



Funeral Services

  • American Flag (Military/Veterans)
  • Bagpipers
  • Bugler
  • Casket Posting of Honor Guard
  • Crossed Ladders
  • Fire Engine Caisson
  • Fly-Over
  • Honor Guards
  • Mourning Bands
  • Rifle Salute
  • Station Bunting

Items to be Considered

  • Active Pallbearers
  • Badge Presentations
  • Bell Service
  • Casket Coverings (Palls/Flags)
  • Color Guards  
  • Eulogy  
  • Fire Service Flag 
  • Helmet Presentations
  • Honorary Pallbearers 
  • Processional
  • Rose Presentations
  • Vehicle Bunting


The GFFF is not limited to assisting only departments who have suffered a LODD. The foundation is able to provide many services to those departments who have lost members, or past members, if the need arises.

The foundations support most often comes in the form of Honor Guard assistance.

The GFFF has much of the same honor guard services available to non-LODD funerals as they due LODD funerals.


The GFFF can offer help in two ways immediately following a LODD. First the foundation is available to dispatch, usually within 3-4 hours, members of the L.A.S.T. to respond and assist the department and the family with funeral arrangements and all of the events that surround a LODD. The time period immediately following a LODD is trying and overwhelming to say the least.

The impact on the department and its members is often underestimated, and most Chief Officers realize sometime during the process they need assistance.

The L.A.S.T. is available to quietly assist the command staff with arrangements and funeral operations, allowing them to begin the healing process by spending the necessary time with not only the loved ones of the lost firefighter, but with members of their department. Additionally, the Honor Guard resources available to the foundation are extensive and statewide.

From a department that has a full honor guard to a department with no honor guard, the foundation is almost always able to fill the gaps and provide the necessary assistance.